Percentage off calculator

Find out how much you're saving on an item that has a percent off sale, with this quick and easy to use Percentage Off Calculator

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  • Percent Off (%):
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Percent Increase

Some values have a predictable rate, or percentage, of increase. Given the original value and the percentage increase, you can calculate the final value.

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Percent Change

When a value changes, the change can be reported as a number or as a percentage. Get your calculator ready and learn how to calculate change as a percentage!

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With a Calculator

Have you been asked to solve a problem like, "What is 30% of 50?" A simple translation can help you understand how to punch this problem into a calculator.

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Percentages in Business:

It's almost impossible to talk about business or finance without mentioning percentages.

Luckily, even the most complex calculations are based on simple multiplication. Here's a look at how business professionals use percentages.

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How to teach percentage

An important component of teaching students to calculate percentages is building a solid understanding of percentages as decimal numbers.

We'll walk you through the process step by step, beginning with an English lesson. Why English? Because the word "percent" means per hundred or out of one hundred. This simple fact will help students convert percentages to fractions and to decimals. It also emphasizes the idea that a percentage is less than 1 whole.

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